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CCT’s mission is to use technology to create an active digital marketplace that will drive innovation in the community-focused financial industry by making loan transactions more transparent, data-driven and profitable.


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Diversify loan portfolios and optimize balance sheet and risk.

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Support client growth through expanded access to capital.

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Ensure CRA and other regulatory requirements are met efficiently.

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Data Insights

Access data and analytics to forecast transactional impact.

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How our solution can work for you

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Community Financial Institutions

A simple, cost-effective solution for Community Banks, Credit Unions and CDFIs to participate in quality loan originations or post your own assets – enabling you to focus on better serving your clients and communities through more efficient risk management and greater access to capital.

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Regional Banks

Our larger regional and national member institutions utilize the platform to actively manage balance sheet risk and drive returns by optimizing current loan portfolios and/or identifying new credit referral partnerships beyond the institution’s current network or geographic footprint.

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We offer access to a high volume of deal flow for credit investors (Asset Managers, Family Offices, Insurers) and provide digital lenders, a large, qualified community of prospective purchasers. Efficiently find, post and/or bid on participation and capital markets opportunities – locally, regionally or nationwide.

Our Platform

By building a single platform that seamlessly supports all types of loan purchases, sales and participations from across the banking and investment communities, we have created powerful transaction marketplace for today’s interconnected financial world.

Along with the ability to quickly identify deals or counterparties that meet your specific criteria, we provide real-time, actionable data insights, enabling you to better meet your objectives through more timely, informed decision-making.

The CCT platform is secure, efficient, and scalable — freeing you up to spend more time on what matters most: building trusted relationships, growing your business, and serving your communities.


Recent transactions completed on the platform

Community Bank & Community Bank Participation

$36mm Commercial Real Estate Loan Participation

135-unit mixed use building adjacent to major NE University, $13mm participation opportunity.


Originating bank swiftly identified two participant Community Banks in the region.


Originating Bank

Retained its client as a local lender of choice. This was the client’s fourth project in market and the bank had reached lending capacity prior to bringing in the participants.

Participating Banks

The participating Community Banks achieved access to a quality CRE opportunity (given its proximity to the college campus) with near full vacancy and a yield greater than 4.0%.


Client secured capital in the timeframe needed with their existing bank relationship without having to apply for a new loan.

Regional Bank Balance Sheet Optimization & Community Bank

$4mm C&I Loan Sale

Franchise business financing, servicing released, 14 months left on the term in the State of Michigan, 4.5% yield.


Four Michigan-based Community Banks expressed interest in bidding on the opportunity and the Regional Bank executed the sale above par.


Originating Bank

Regional Bank quickly exited the relationship and cycled the capital to a new, more appropriately sized client relationship.

Purchasing Bank

Community Bank purchased a performing C&I loan, diversifying their balance sheet according to regulatory requirements, and acquiring a new customer relationship in their core footprint.


Client maintained existing credit facility via a seamless transition, and began working with a local bank better aligned with their current needs.

Community Bank & Digital Lender

$25mm Student Loan Pool Purchase

Pool of high-quality, refinanced student loans, 5.5% yield.


Community Bank purchased a $25mm pool of performing, refinanced ‘professional’ student loans (doctors, lawyers, MBAs). Lender’s historical default rate on $1.5Bn+ in student loans <1%.


Originating Bank

Digital Lender leveraged the CCT platform to efficiently connect with a buyer interested in purchasing a sizeable portion of an existing loan pool, reducing resource demands on the internal Capital Markets team.

Purchasing Bank

Large Community Bank, with extensive exposure to commercial loans and seeking diversification, swiftly solved regulatory pressure and identified a great asset to meet its balance sheet needs.


Digital Lender is able to provide affordable re-financed loans to top-tier borrowers, enabling the graduates to pay down their student loans and re-allocate their personal capital more productively.

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